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Literature Database

In the first project phase the project partners carried out a literature survey to get an overview on existing national approaches for facing climate change in schools. They collected information on available curricular and extracurricular activities and methodologies dealing with climate chance.

Check on our CLIMES literature database to find out more.

Intelligent Use of Energy in Schools - Project for secondary schools


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Intelligent Use of Energy in Schools - Project for secondary schools


Also available in DE, BG, CZ, DE, FR, IT, LV, RO, SL
The project aims to promote a more efficient way of using energy in every day life among secondary schools students and teachers.
IUSES will show secondary school students the basic principles of energy efficiency and give a comprehensive guide to saving energy in their everyday lives.
IUSES is currently developing a behaviour-oriented educational kit including: handbooks, multimedia animations and experiment tool-kit. The educational kit will be freely available for downloading on this web site.
Teachers and students will be actively involved in all stages of the project. In particular, they will test the educational kit and will provide feedback and suggestions to improve the IUSES kit.



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